A s s o c i a t e d C o m p a n i e s

Seagrass Collection

The Seagrass Collection Group is a significant player in the UK casual dining market with over 6 restaurants and bars. It also operates a highly diverse multi-brand Concessions business which trades principally from Luxury Hotels. In addition, it manages bespoke events all over the world. Hankies is a brand owned and franchised by the Arora Family.


Marble Arch

Indian Dining
61 Upper Berkeley St, Marylebone, London W1H 7PP
FranchiseeSixtyone Limited


Westbourne Terrace

Indian Dining
55 Westbourne Terrace, Paddington, London W2 3UY
FranchiseeVirtu Hospitality Limited



Indian Cafe
67 Shaftesbury Ave, Soho, London W1D 6EX
FranchiseePink Turban Limited



craft events & element

Pink Turban


Boutique Cuisine
& Events

The Crescent

Montcalm Marble Arch

Afternoon Teas
2 Wallenberg Pl, Marylebone, London W1H 7TN
FranchiseeSixtyone Limited

Corporate & Social Responsibility

We are committed to doing business responsibly and acknowledge that The Seagrass Collection Group has a significant role to play in the communities and the wider environment in which we operate.

Sustainable & Ethical Sourcing

We practice responsible sourcing throughout our supply chain, ensuring our customers get great quality, high welfare and sustainable food on their plates.

All of our suppliers must be certified to the British Retail Consortium Food standard or equivalent, as a minimum, and we conduct routine supplier audits ourselves to ensure our suppliers are operating to our high standards.

As in previous years, there continues to be no genetically modified foods or artificial trans fats in any of our products, and we have banned colours that cause hyperactivity in children from all of our products served to children.

Nutrition & Health

We are committed to offering a healthy choice for our customers. The nutritional balance of menus is incorporated into the design process and we are committed to increasing the number of lower calorie, salt and sugar options available on all future menus. Our nutrition policy challenges us always to have a number of healthy choices on our menus.


We are committed to sourcing sustainable fish and as such introduced a detailed policy in 2016, within which we commit to sourcing Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)-certified fish, where available. We also work with our suppliers and farmers (both UK and non-UK) to provide further emphasis and guidance on farm antibiotic use.


We committed to sourcing all our shell eggs and mayonnaise from cage-free and/or free-range sources by the end of 2017, and this was achieved in November 2017 when all shell eggs used in our restaurants converted to RSPCA Assured™ Free Range. Furthermore, we are committed to ensuring that eggs used as an ingredient in our supply chain will be cage-free and/or free-range by the end of 2023 at the latest. Work is already underway to achieve this goal.


We have signed the European Chicken Commitment (ECC), thereby committing to meet or exceed the standards set out in the ECC by 2026 for 100% of the chicken across our entire portfolio.

Signing the ECC allows us to improve the welfare of millions of chickens used in our supply chain, building on our cage free egg commitment, antibiotic usage reduction and responsible fish sourcing programmes, further demonstrating our responsible sourcing approach and ongoing commitment to animal welfare.

Sugar reduction

Since 2017, we implemented initiatives to reduce sugar in our dishes, in line with the UK Government’s Childhood Obesity Plan. Our Menus was relaunched in the summer of 2018, with the range of fruit and vegetables on offer increased, and further fruit-based desserts and drinks added. We now only offer milk, juice and squash along with low-sugar drinks for children.

Salt reduction

We’ve reduced the amount of salt in our bespoke products purchased directly from suppliers, in line with the Department of Health Responsibility Deal for 2017. 95% of all products purchased adhere to 2017 Salt targets.

Our People

We believe that great customer experience is key to our business success, and therefore our most important assets are our people. We employ talented people across all of our brands and we are committed to creating great places to work that support job satisfaction and career progression.

Our commitments

The Seagrass Collection Group is committed to a policy of being a fair and inclusive employer. Employment with the Group offers everyone equal rights, and career development and promotion prospects, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or religion. We ensure as far as possible that the diversity of our teams reflects the diversity of the customers we serve.


If an employee is disabled in any way, or becomes disabled during their employment with us, then our policy is to offer assistance and explore ways of overcoming any difficulties they may have at work, and make adjustments to help them wherever possible.

Equality and Human rights

Our commitment to equality and human rights is discussed in the induction for all employees and covered in the online policies and employee handbook which are accessible to all. The policies include an Equality and Diversity Policy, a Family Friendly Policy, and a Harassment and Bullying Policy. The various management skills courses offered cover the responsibilities of the management team in upholding these policies to ensure a safe and respectful working environment.

National Minimum Wage

The Group pays all of its employees at least the National Minimum Wage (or for over 25’s the National Living Wage) appropriate to their age. Tips are not included in this rate, and all gratuities are additional to their hourly rate and are paid directly to the employees. Cash tips are self-declared, and only the tips paid by credit card have tax deducted by the Company. Also, unlike some of our competitors, no card processing administration fee is taken by the Company.