POP Up Shops

What is flash retail ....

Whether you hear temporary retail, flash retailing, pop-up store, or pop-up shop, it is all one and the same. Pop-up shops are taking over the retail world and rethinking traditional store strategy .

Sighted as early as the 1990s in large urban cities such as Tokyo, Los Angeles and New York City, pop-up shops and pop-up retail are temporary retail spaces that sell merchandise of any kind. Just about every consumer product has been sold via a pop-up shop at one point in time. From art to fashion to tech gadgets and food, pop-ups are exciting because they create short-term stores that are just about as creative as they are engaging.

Flash Retail is just about taking retail space on high foot -all areas and creating a pop up shop with our partner companies.

Specific Details

  • Term. Typically 1 week to 3 years

  • Location. High foot traffic areas such as city centers, malls, and busy streets.

  • Use. Sell products, presence during holidays or events, launch new products, generate awareness, move inventory, test idea or location, increase ‘cool’ factor.

  • Landlords are benefitted by temporary occupation of their property enabling them to market their property with more time frames.

  • Retailers can collaborate with us and open in more locations for a short period of time at a flexible term.

The procedure is quite simple

The landlord gives Flash Retail a Licence to occupy on a weekly rent basis with a notice period of 2 weeks and then Flash Retail Ltd sets up a pop up shop in collaboration with various retailers, wholesalers and importers .

Landlord & Agents

  • Fill up your temporary space : The pop-up retail format allows you to fill up void periods in your tenancy . You may have a property vacant because you are still looking for the best rental , negotiating lease terms , awaiting bundling works or simply finding a tenant . We can fill this void period for you and you may be generating extra income .

  • Say no to squatters : About 95% of all high footfall shops will be squatted if left empty, which can lead to a heavy bill to get then evicted

  • Business rates : Your empty property will make you liable for business rates , by letting to pop up retailers , the liability is passed to the occupier .

CALL Josh on 07985888377 and discuss about your empty retail space. We might be able to move in straight away subject to agreement of Licence. email

Retailers / Producers / Wholesalers and Importers

  • Connect with customers: The pop-up retail format allows you to personally get to know your customers and build stronger relationships.

  • Increase sales: About 95% of all purchases are still completed offline. This is your opportunity to take advantage of the retail channel.

  • Build awareness: Consumers and the media love the excitement generated by pop-up shops. Build brand awareness by going offline.

  • It’s cheaper: Launching a pop-up shop can be 80% cheaper than a traditional retail store.

  • Test new markets: Easily enter a new market and launch new products.

Call Kay on 07985888388 to discuss your requirements, alternatively email us on and your product or you could be in a high footfall retail store from as soon as tomorrow.

Current Locations

02th Oct 2020

Flash Retail

Bournemouth, 2 Old Christchurch Road Cardiff, 39 Queen Street CF10 2ASDagenham, Unit 29, Heathway Shopping Centre RM10 8REDerby, 34 East Street DE1 2AFGodalming, 65A High Street GU7 1AW Kilburn, 117 High Road NW6 6JHNottingham, 2-4 Albert Street NG1 7DAPeckham, 75 Rye Lane, SE15 5EX Peckham, 117-125 Rye Lane SE15 4STShrewsbury, 14 Pride Hill SY1 1DQ Walthamstow, 112 High Street E17 7JXWatford, 68 High Street WD17 2BTYork, 28 Parliament Street YO1 8RS

Knightsbridge Retail

Bury St. Edmunds, 28 Butter Market IP33 1DWCanterbury, 11-13 St George Street, CT1 2JTHounslow, 261 High Street, TW3 1EFHounslow, 261A High Street, TW3 1EFKingston upon Thames, 30A Fife Road, KT1 1SZ Liverpool, 4 Parker Street, L1 1DN

Mega Deals

Hounslow, 215 High Street, TW3 1DHKent, 104 Broadway Bexley Heath DA6 7DESt Albans, 28 Market Place, AL3 5DG Windsor, 34 Peascod Street, SL4 1EA