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Social Responsibility

we are more than just a real estate company – we are committed to making a positive impact on our community. With a deep sense of social responsibility, we proudly serve meals to the homeless population in London, supporting those in need. Additionally, we believe in the power of education to transform lives, and we are dedicated to educating underprivileged children, offering them opportunities for a brighter future. Our mission is to build not only homes but also hope, fostering a better tomorrow for all

Image by Ales Dusa


On the Streets of London

In the challenging reality of homelessness, the numbers speak volumes. Between April and September 2022, 5,712 people were found sleeping rough in London, marking a disheartening 21% increase from the previous year. The harsh truth is that homelessness can touch anyone, transcending backgrounds and walks of life. It often begins when individuals face a significant crisis, finding themselves without the support of family or friends.

We acknowledge the profound impact of homelessness and actively strive to make a difference. Every week, we extend a helping hand along with our friends by providing warm, nutritious meals to over 150 homeless individuals in Central London. These are resilient individuals who, due to various circumstances, have fallen through the social safety nets designed to protect them.

Warm Meals 

with warm love

we believe that the simple act of providing hot meals to the homeless can be a profound expression of love and care. For those experiencing the harsh realities of homelessness, a warm meal is not just sustenance; it is a luxury that brings comfort and dignity. We are dedicated to ensuring that every individual we serve can sleep with a full stomach, warmed by the nourishing embrace of a hearty meal. In offering this essential support, we strive to convey a message of compassion, reminding them that they are valued and cherished members of our community. Together, we can make a difference by spreading warmth, kindness, and love to those who need it most

Image by Leroy Skalstad

Investing in Hope

with sincerity

we proudly sponsor the education of eighty children in collaboration with Educate Punjab, an organization dedicated to providing comprehensive support for these young minds. This support encompasses not only education but also essential resources such as stationery, uniforms, bus fare, and books. In today's world, a staggering 124 million children and young people remain out of school or have had to abandon their education, a number that continues to rise. Many are denied access to classrooms due to overcrowding or untrained teachers, while others face obstacles ranging from conflict and gender bias to poverty and rural isolation. Our commitment to these eighty children is a step towards bridging this educational divide and offering them life-changing opportunities they rightfully deserve

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