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A Dynamic Shopping Experience

Welcome to the world of pop-up retail, where innovation meets consumer engagement in a dynamic and temporary setting. We understand the evolving landscape of the retail industry. Pop-up stores have emerged as a powerful tool for brands to create a unique and immersive shopping experience.  Pop-up shops are reshaping the retail landscape, challenging traditional store strategies, and we're proud to be pioneers of Pop-up retail in the UK since our inception in 1998.

  • Term: Typically 1 week to 5 years

  • Location: High-foot-traffic areas such as city centers, malls, and bustling streets.

  • Usage: Selling products, holiday or event presence, product launches, awareness generation, inventory clearance, idea or location testing, boosting the 'cool' factor.

Benefits for Landlords

Landlords benefit from the temporary occupation of their property, allowing for more flexible marketing and the potential to pass on business rates liability, resulting in improved cash flow.

Benefits for Retailers:

Collaborate with us to open in multiple locations for short periods, providing flexibility and reducing the risk associated with long-term leases.

Benefits for Online Stores:

Online stores can extend their reach, offering click-and-collect services without committing to extended leases.


The Procedure

The process is streamlined. Landlords provide us with a temporary license to occupy on a weekly rent basis, with a two-week notice period. Flash Retail Ltd, in collaboration with various retailers, wholesalers, and importers, swiftly sets up a pop-up shop. We have all the necessary license formats, making the entire process manageable within days.

Interested in a POP-UP
Offer us your shop to us for short-term letting

Thank you for your interest! We are working on your request

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Maximize Your Empty Space with Pop-Up Retail!

Utilize your temporary space: The pop-up retail format provides a perfect solution to fill void periods in your tenancy. Whether your property is vacant due to ongoing searches for the best rental, lease negotiations, awaiting construction or enhancements, or simply awaiting a tenant, we can fill this gap for you, potentially generating extra income.

Protect against squatters: Leaving high footfall shops empty poses a risk of squatting, with about 95% of such spaces being occupied unlawfully. This can result in hefty bills for eviction. Let us help you avoid this risk by occupying and activating your space.

Business rates relief: An empty property makes you liable for business rates. By letting to pop-up retailers, we transfer this liability to the occupier, providing you with financial relief.

Current Pop-Ups


  1. Brixton, 24-26 Electric Avenue

  2. Brixton Road, 409-411 SW9 7GD

  3. Derby, 34 East Street DE1 2A

  4. Ealing, 17-19, New Broadway, W5 5AW

  5. Eastbourne, 71-73 Terminus Road BN21 3NJ

  6. Hounslow, 147-161 High Street TW3 1QL

  7. Liverpool, 64 Church Street L1 3AY

  8. Norwich, 109 Chantry Place NR1 3SH

  9. Romford, 56-72 Market Place

  10. Peckham, 75 Rye Lane, SE15 5EX

  11. Peckham, 117-125 Rye Lane SE15 4ST

  12. Walthamstow, 112 High Street E17 7J

  13. Watford, 68 High Street WD17 2BT

  14. Woodgreen, 85 High Road, N22 6BB

  15. Cambridge, 22-28 Fitzroy Street

  16. Camden, 137 High Street NW1 7JR

  17. Croydon - 117-119 North End CR0 1TL

  18. Dagenham, Unit 29, Heathway Shopping Centre RM10 8RE

  19. Liverpool, 4 Parker Street, L1 1DN

  20. Hounslow, 215 High Street, TW3 1DH

  21. Kent, 104 Broadway Bexley Heath DA6 7DE

  22. St Albans, 28 Market Place, AL3 5DG

  23. Windsor, 34 Peascod Street, SL4 1EA

  24. New Malden, 109 High Street, KT3 4BP

  25. Chiswick, Ground Floor 346-348

  26. Walthamstow, 50A High Street E17 7AD

  27. Bayswater, 132 Queensway W2 6LS

  28. York, 28 Parliament Street YO1 8RS

  29. Canterbury, 11 St George Street, CT1 2JT

  30. Hounslow, 261 High Street, TW3 1EF

  31. Hounslow, 261A High Street, TW3 1EF

  32. Kingston upon Thames, 30A Fife Road, KT1 1SZ

  33. Walworth Road, 318-320 SE17 2NA

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