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From Textile Roots to Global Heights: Our Family’s Journey of Resilience and Growth.
Embarking from a humble textile endeavor to a diversified real estate group, our family's legacy is a testament to visionary ambition and steadfast perseverance

Image by Rituraj Pankaj

Year 1900s

Montgomery, British India

Present-day Sahiwal, Pakistan

We grew up listening to the stories of our forefathers, and they have played an influential role in our being.


Montgomery, a part of British India, is known today as Sahiwal in Pakistan. In the early 1900s, our family's roots were firmly planted in this historic region. The tales of our forefathers have left an indelible mark on our identity. During this period, our grandfather, Sardar Ram Singh, partnered closely with our great-grandfather, Sardar Gopal Singh. Their dedication was evident as they engaged in the trade of quality textiles and agricultural products from neighboring towns in British India. Together, they built a thriving textile business.

However, as the 1940s unfolded, India was undergoing significant political changes, leading to its independence. Unfortunately, like many entrepreneurs of that era, our forefathers and their business faced immense challenges during this tumultuous transition. The partition of India and Pakistan brought about profound and painful changes for both sides, and our family experienced its own share of hardship. Tragically, we lost both our great-grandfather and grandfather during this period, leaving only our resilient grandmother, Sardarni Inder Kaur, with her five children.

With courage and determination, she embarked on a new chapter of life in New Delhi after the partition in the scorching summer of 1947. Alone and without financial resources, she faced daunting circumstances. This marked the beginning of a fresh start in the newly independent India, where Sardarni Inder Kaur toiled tirelessly to provide for her five children, shaping a brighter future for them.


Chandini Chownk, Delhi


Chatter Singh Arora opening of new store in 1960s

At the youthful age of 23, while charting a course in the Indian Air Force, our patriarch, Sardar Chatter Singh Arora, harbored a deep-seated passion to breathe new life into our ancestral textile enterprise. He could not stand by and watch his mother's legacy fade into obscurity. Driven by this resolve, he made the bold decision to exit the Air Force, embracing the challenge of reviving the family business with no prior experience in textiles and limited financial resources. Through sheer determination and relentless effort, he transformed a modest venture into a thriving wholesale textile empire in the heart of Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, India.


Scan May 19, 2020 (80)_edited.jpg

His indefatigable spirit did not stop there; he propelled the once small-scale business to the forefront of the global stage, establishing it as a leading export powerhouse within the garment manufacturing sector

In 1989, Rocky, formally known as Kunwar Ajit Singh, joined the family business, immediately setting a transformative agenda. He ingeniously catapulted our domestic brands into the limelight, making them the preferred choice among Bollywood's glitterati, heralding a new chapter in our enterprise. By the twilight of the 1980s, our brand portfolio had burgeoned to encompass CJ Club, Joshe Jeans, and Kunwar Ajit Exports, laying the groundwork for our foray into international markets.

His indefatigable spirit did not stop there; he propelled the once small-scale business to the forefront of the global stage, establishing it as a leading export powerhouse within the garment manufacturing sector




Embracing the global stage, Rocky relocated to London in 1993 to establish a strategic foothold, from where he orchestrated our European garment distribution operations.

The momentum continued as Josh Arora came onboard in the late '90s, moving to London in 1997. This period marked the inception of Pure Life UK Ltd in 1999 under our banner. With the innovative POP-UP retail model, we propelled Pure Life to the forefront of the global import scene, diversifying into home furnishings, furniture, and the latest electronic gadgets. Our ventures expanded, now encompassing imports from the Far East and Europe, driven by a relentless pursuit of growth.

Our entrepreneurial journey didn't stop there; we ventured into hospitality, creating landmarks such as Project Mantra and Pink Turban in 2011—ventures that introduced fine, dining to West London. Simultaneously, we expanded into construction and real estate, now the bedrock of our family's endeavors, reflecting our dedication to innovation, excellence, and relentless expansion.


Our journey to success not only honors our grandmother's visionary foresight but also our father's relentless commitment to that vision and the entire family's dedication to achieving excellence. This powerful combination has allowed us to oversee a vast and varied real estate portfolio that stands as a tribute to their legacies.

Sadly, our grandmother departed from this world on 2nd July 1988, unable to witness the full flowering of the seeds she sowed. Yet, her spirit endures in every aspect of our family's activities, her memory living on through the accomplishments and milestones we achieve.

Adding to our narrative of resilience and legacy, our father passed away on 5th May 2021. Despite this profound loss, his ethos of hard work, unwavering dedication, and commitment to community service continue to illuminate our path. His legacy is not just in the tangible success of our business but in the values and principles that guide us as we move forward, honoring his memory by continuing the work he so passionately believed in.



Chatter Singh Arora


1942 - 2021

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Kuljinder Kaur


Kunwar Ajit Singh


Harmeena Arora


Josh Arora

Managing Director


Eleen Arora


Logo Arora Family_edited.jpg

Kam Punny

Office Manager

Logo Arora Family_edited.jpg

Pav Sritharan

Finance Secretary

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Property Maintenance

Logo Arora Family_edited.jpg

Raju Singh

Logo Arora Family_edited.jpg

Harsh Panchal

Logo Arora Family_edited.jpg

Opinder Sawhney

Chartered Accountant

Logo Arora Family_edited.jpg

Nick Moss

Legal Consultant

Logo Arora Family_edited.jpg

Nisha Mehra

Tenants Coordinator

Logo Arora Family_edited.jpg

Emily M

Logo Arora Family_edited.jpg

Melisa S

Logo Arora Family_edited.jpg

Preeti Gupta

Logo Arora Family_edited.jpg

Sanjeet Bezalwar

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